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GLOW Chocolate Hearts - Assorted Flavours 25 Pieces

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GLOW Chocolate Hearts - Assorted Flavours 25 Pieces ($1.75 per piece)

Includes : 

Valentine's Cinnamon 'Candy' Chocolate Hearts 

Imagine cinnamon candy hearts reinvented as a delicious, decadent healthy feel good chocolate. Voila! You have our Valentine's Chili Cinnamon chocolate.

Salted Toasted Pecan in White Chocolate Hearts

Lightly salted roasted pecans, dipped in a macadamia-coconut white chocolate (sweetened with maple sugar) all swirled into our signature vanilla chocolate base made using real raw organic vanilla beans. 

Rose Vanilla Chocolate Hearts

This creation is made with REAL rose essential oil from Young Living Essential Oils. 

Rose is a plant that is known as one of the highest vibration plants and is medicine for everything heart and unconditional love. What better plant to celebrate mothers the embodiment on earth of unconditional love.

Pure rose chocolate is uncommon to come by due to its expensive price (over $300 for 5 ml!) It is said that is takes 500 rose petals to create 1 drop of essential rose oil. 

When you bite into a GLOW Chocolate rose vanilla heart, it is like you are consuming handfuls of rose petals. Each chocolate heart is topped with an organic rose petal too!

Total Weight 241 g / 9.64 g per piece

About GLOW Chocolate Hearts

GLOW Chocolates are decadent, vegan, melt-in-your-mouth, good-for-you chocolates that are refined-sugar free and made with the finest organic heirloom Ecuadorian cacao.

GLOW Chocolate hearts are lightly sweetened with Canadian maple syrup from a small farm in Quebec and secretly co-sweetened with BC grown green stevia.

Each handcrafted chocolate is infused with reiki energy to harmonize and lighten the chocolate (when you try it you may sense it) and is made with conscious intention to bring forward to best of what ceremonial grade cacao has to offer. 

The flavours of heirloom cacao vary widely!

So for every batch, the recipe is customized to bring out the best of the unique flavour notes of the cacao we are working with. We balance flavours using intuitive guidance by both physically adding bit extra coconut oil, cacao, maple - or whatever the chocolate calls for, as well as energetically adjusting the flavours. 

If you don't believe us, don't worry, you will still benefit from and taste the palatable difference that flavour balancing with energy makes ;) 

Please note, because our fresh product uses organic coconut oil, our products need to be kept refrigerated and stored in an air tight container. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.  

Smoked Salted Caramel GLOW Chocolate Hearts Ingredients 

organic heirloom cacao paste, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic cacao butter, raw organic lucuma, raw organic coconut butter, raw organic maca, raw organic green stevia, Himalayan salt, Vancouver Island Salt Co.’s smoked sea salt, LOVE.

Dark Chocolate Crunch GLOW Chocolate Hearts Ingredients

organic heirloom cacao paste, organic coconut oil, organic maple syrup, organic raw cacao butter, raw organic coconut butter, raw organic lucuma, raw organic maca, raw organic green stevia, LOVE.

Limited Time Seasonal Flavour (s) 

organic heirloom cacao paste, organic coconut oil,organic raw cacao butter,  organic coconut butter,  organic raw organic maple syrup, raw organic lucuma, raw organic maca, raw organic green stevia, organic raw vanilla bean, Himalayan salt, LOVE

May include : nuts, essential oil from flowers. spices, dried or freeze dried fruits, vegetable powders for colouring. Please contact us at if you have any allergy concerns.

GLOW Chocolate is produced in a gluten free facility where other nuts including peanuts are processed. 

Assorted Flavours GLOW Chocolate Hearts Nutrition Facts

Click here for Smoked Salted Caramel Chocolate Heart Nutrition Facts.

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Seasonal GLOW Chocolate Heart Flavours

*Please note nutrition facts for seasonal chocolates are an estimate. The first nutrition profile is for our plain vanilla base which we often use to create seasonal flavours with the addition of nuts, fruits, essential oils, flowers etc to. Please see below for more examples of seasonal nutrition profiles.

Click here for Vanilla Based Seasonal Chocolate Heart Nutrition Facts* 

White Chocolate + Vanilla Chocolate Heart Combo Nutrition Facts*
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