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GLOWBall™ Truffles - No Added Sugar

GLOWBall™ Truffles - No Added Sugar

GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles™ are "guilt free", no-sugar-added chocolate-like snacks that satisfy sugar cravings and have similar benefits to an energy bar.

GLOWBalls contain NO chocolate and are made with carob (a plant that tastes like chocolate) and are only sweetened with natural organic green stevia.

We haven't forgotten about flavour! 99% of people report they cannot taste any green stevia - just creamy delicious chocolatey decadence. Read our GLOW Testimonials!

GLOW Chocolates are made with fresh pressed organic coconut oil and need to be kept refrigerated. Please see our FAQ section for how to best store your GLOW Chocolate hearts.

Yes! We can ship across Canada and to the USA. Please see our Shipping FAQ section for more information.

No Added Sugar | Vegan | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free |
No Artificial Sweeteners | Keto Friendly


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