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Use Promo Code GLOW5 for 5% off selected items on orders over $60. Use Promo Code GLOW10 for 10% off selected items on orders over $120
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GLOW Chocolate Bark - Fields of Golden Lavender (170 g)

About the Flavour

Fields of Golden Lavender GLOW Chocolate Bark - Made with local organic lavender essential oil, sourced in BC from Salt Spring Island.

I blended our signature vanilla chocolate base made with real, raw, organic vanilla bean with this locally made essential oil to create a calming, well balanced, floral chocolate that tastes of lavender to just the right amount.

The lavender chocolate base is the same we use to make the lavender hearts, except this one has no white chocolate. Instead it is drizzled with a sugar free cashew creme in white and purple, lowing the non refined sugar content a bit! 

The purple colour comes from sweet potato! Who would have guessed right?! You cannot at all taste the colouring, it is simply added to for a fun pop of colour. 

I also added on touches of edible 24 kt gold to create a beautiful presentation worthy of gifting to someone special (including yourself! ;)

This chocolate is more on the sweet side and is a perfect flavour for GLOW lovers who like our sweeter options. 

About GLOW Chocolate 

GLOW Chocolates are decadent, vegan, melt-in-your-mouth, good-for-you chocolates that are refined-sugar free and made with the finest organic heirloom Ecuadorian cacao.

GLOW Chocolate hearts are lightly sweetened with Canadian maple syrup from a small farm in Quebec and secretly co-sweetened with BC grown green stevia.

Each handcrafted chocolate is infused with reiki energy to harmonize and lighten the chocolate (when you try it you may sense it) and is made with conscious intention to bring forward to best of what ceremonial grade cacao has to offer. 

The flavours of heirloom cacao vary widely!

So for every batch, the recipe is customized to bring out the best of the unique flavour notes of the cacao we are working with. We balance flavours using intuitive guidance by both physically adding bit extra coconut oil, cacao, maple - or whatever the chocolate calls for, as well as energetically adjusting the flavours. 

If you don't believe us, don't worry, you will still benefit from and taste the palatable difference that flavour balancing with energy makes ;) 

Please note, because our fresh product uses organic coconut oil, our products need to be kept refrigerated and stored in an air tight container. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.  

Ingredients Fields of Golden Lavender Chocolate Bark

raw organic cacao paste, organic coconut oil, organic coconut, organic raw cacao butter, organic maple syrup, raw organic lucuma, raw organic maca, raw organic green stevia, organic raw vanilla bean, organic Salt Spring Island lavender essential oil, Himalayan salt, LOVE

Decortaive Topping - organic raw coconut, organic cashews, purple potato (for colour), 24 kt edible gold flakes

GLOW Chocolate is produced in a gluten free facility where other nuts including peanuts are processed.