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Use Promo Code GLOW5 for 5% off selected items on orders over $60. Use Promo Code GLOW10 for 10% off selected items on orders over $120
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GLOWBall Truffles Seasonal - Rose Tonka Bean Blueberry Creme 18 Piece ($2.25 per piece)

About the Flavour

Rose Tonka Bean Blueberry Creme - Our most seductive flavour yet!

I re-did our rose flavoured GLOWBall Truffle using REAL rose essential oil from Young Living. This powerful and expensive essential oil (1 drop if made from 500 rose petals!) is mixed into our sugar free cashew creme icing, along with organic rose dust - to add another layer of flavour and natural rose colour. You are getting ingesting the essence of several rose petals per truffle!

Rose oil is said to aid in strengthening and balancing the heart chakra, promote spiritual growth and is a potent aphrodisiac. In Ayurveda, rose is said to be balancing to all three doshas. This prized flower is also used to increase feeling of hope, boosting self confidence, increasing access to positive feelings and is sometimes used as an anti-depressant. 

Instead of vanilla bean, we use tonka bean, a plant native to northern South America and Central America. It is similar in nature and flavour to vanilla bean yet with more complex flavour notes that range from floral to almond...hard to describe with words!

Tonka beans are incredibly aromatic, aphrodisiac-like, and have a most intoxicating scent and flavour. It functions like vanilla bean to harmonize flavours together to create smooth transitions between flavour notes. 

The combination of rose essential oil and tonka bean is simply DIVINE. Beyond words. If you are a lover of floral flavours, this is a MUST have.

The truffle is topped off with organic rose petals and freeze dried antioxidant rich blueberries. This truffle is truly a symphony in your mouth!

About GLOWBall Truffles 

GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles™ are our 100% no added sugar chocolatey truffles! As always, GLOWBall Truffles are designed to satisfy sweet cravings and have similar benefits to an energy bar. GLOWBalls contain NO chocolate and are made with carob (a plant that tastes like chocolate).

We haven't forgotten about flavour! Our customers swear GLOWBall Truffles taste like a decadent 'not-so-good-for-you', chocolate dessert. 

 GLOWBall Truffle's sweetness can be described as a magical illusion of nature - the ingredients are combined in very specific mathematical ratios, that bring out the best in flavour of each ingredient, so no added sugars are needed.

Real raw vanilla bean brings out natural sweetness of carob; the malted flavour of nutrient dense mesquite combines with carob to create a chocolate-like flavour. 

Our truffles, are also partially very secretly sweetened with local BC grown green stevia. 99.99% of people report they cannot taste any stevia - just creamy delicious chocolatey decadence!

Many customers have reported GLOWBall Truffles have helped them to decrease or eliminate their sugar cravings.

Please note, because our fresh product uses organic coconut oil, GLOWBall Truffles needs to be kept refrigerated and stored in an air tight container. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.  

Ingredients Rose Tonka Bean Blueberry GLOWBall Truffles

organic coconut oil (virgin and fresh-pressed from Naked Coconuts), organic carob, organic coconut, raw organic mesquite, organic cashews, raw organic maca, raw organic vanilla bean, organic Ceylon cinnamon, raw organic BC green stevia, LOVE. Topping only: organic cashews, organic coconut, organic rose petals, Young Living pure rose essential oil, tonka bean, organic freeze dried blueberries. 

GLOW Chocolate is produced in a gluten free facility where other nuts including peanuts are processed.