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GLOW Barks

GLOW Barks

Our collection of barks includes both our cacao and carob (GLOWBall Truffle) bases.

I started to create barks because there is something so incredibly satisfying about a thin piece of dark chocolate with a cup of tea.

I also discovered, that our no added sugar Mint GLOWBalls as thin pieces of bark, taste more similar to a real mint chocolate. 

We can also create barks faster than individual pieces, so you get more chocolate (or carob!) per dollar in our bark collection. 

GLOW Barks are also fantastic additions to desserts! It makes for a great topping on cakes, or melt onto crepes or pancakes, enjoy with coconut yogurt + berries (my favourite!) 

More deliciously, our collection or dark chocolate barks pair orgasmically with our signature sugar free icings (coming soon!)

GLOW Chocolates are made with fresh pressed organic coconut oil and need to be kept refrigerated . Please see our FAQ section for how to best store your GLOW Chocolate hearts.

Yes! We can ship across Canada and to the USA. Please see our Shipping FAQ section for more information.

Refined Sugar Free | Vegan | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free |
No Artificial Sweeteners | Keto Friendly