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About GLOW


And thank you for stopping by. My name is Julie Beyer, and GLOW Chocolate is my life's work - my soul's calling. 

Food is my art. I am inspired by the rich natural flavours of real whole food ingredients and I am in love with bringing together the science of nutrition with beautiful flavour synergies to create exceptionally delicious and nutritious recipes.

I am often asked about my why, where I was trained, where my creativity comes from or how I came up with GLOW recipes. 

My 'Chocolate Love Story', as I like to call it, isn't your average story of how someone got into chocolate, or became an entrepreneur, or started their own food business. My story is far from linear and is beyond the scope of an About page.

What I can generally say, is chocolate found me. It lured me - like the pied piper.

This sacred plant is very much a part of a very personal journey of discovery, healing, death and re-birth. Cacao is my master teacher, my saving grace and so much more.

All my recipes are a co-creation with something bigger than me. I have zero training as a chocolatier, chef or anything related. (I consider myself more of an entrepreneur, artist and alchemist). My chocolates are created from divine inspiration, instinct and intuition. The chocolate 'speaks' to me and I listen. 

For me, GLOW is about feeding that life force; about going back to the root of nature's true intention behind the cacao plant, of being a medicine, a means to open your heart and a source of pure joy.

GLOW was created from my mysterious love affair with chocolate in all of its soulful, raw glory, which I hope offers you a full flavour profile, deep richness, and divine inspiration.

My GLOW Philosophy

Click here to read more about GLOW Chocolate ingredients, sourcing and sweeteners. 

I strive to create products and recipes that exceed your expectations and that will change your life. I create to nourish you so you are left feeling energized physically, emotionally and mentally.

I am particularly inspired by discovering ways to transform low glycemic sweeteners such as green stevia, mesquite and lucuma into delicious "dessert" recipes so that you can enjoy delicious sweetness everyday and feel and look your best

I carefully choose ingredients such as fresh pressed virgin coconut oil, maca and zeylanicum cinnamon that are rich in nutrition and provide essential nutrients for your skin, hormones, brain and that keep you satiated, balanced  and allow your natural GLOW to shine through.

I am passionate about making a positive change in the world through food, as I believe that food is the nexus point for positive change in the areas of physical health, mental health, the environment, sustainable economies, society, community and so much more.

I want to make it easy and fun for YOU to create positive change in the world by eating delicious decadent chocolate which supports sustainable farming and other initiatives that are contributing to creating a more GLOWing earth.

I aspire to provide you with the most delicious, and the most irresistible foods that would eliminate your cravings for refined sugar and processed/artificial sweeteners and foods from your life effortlessly and pleasurably.

Most importantly, I wanted to provide you with a really really really good excuse to enjoy chocolate everyday and feel really damn good about it. 

May you be inspired to GLOW!

Bon Appetit,