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GLOW Reviews


Feel Good About Chocolate Everyday

"Julie's [GLOW] chocolates are my favourite raw chocolates in the entire world. I know that's a big statement but most raw chocolate is dry and tasteless. GLOW is light but the flavour is rich and the texture is smooth and melt in your mouth.

I *always* have a stash in my fridge (that's how much I love her [GLOW] Chocolates!) for a little pick me-up of for an after meal treat. I love that they are all organic, and have SO many health benefits so I don't feel guilty. 

I often eat 4 chocolates per day and always feel good after (no blood sugar crashes) and even allow my 2 year old son to eat them regularly. Having GLOW in my fridge keeps me away from sugar and helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease and pleasure."

Sarah Edmondson
Actress (Edgemont, Stargate and more) & mama extraordinaire 
Sarah LOVES...Mint Chocolate Chip GLOW, her 2 year old son Troy and personal growth


Kick Sugar Cravings Effortlessly 

"GLOW Chocolates have been a game-changer for me. I’ve always had a sweet tooth which has been a consistent struggle and source of guilt for me with my diet.

I do strive to embrace progress over perfection so I was so happy when I found Julie’s creations!  A solution to my pain! 

LOL.. but really.  To my surprise and delight, when incorporating GLOW into my world (I have a stash in my freezer), my sugar cravings decreased. This is a BIG DEAL. HUGE

I actually feel satisfied after having my good for me GLOW.

Plus, it’s guilt-free goodness and I no longer feel deprived or torn about ‘indulging.’ I may even have GLOW for breakfast. occasionally. 

As for my “secret stash,” it’s handy to have on hand for when my sweet tooth activates.  Plus, it feels so good share healthy gourmet ‘treats’ with friends when they visit.  Although, I do kind of size dinner guests up to see if they’re GLOW worthy. #kiddingnotkidding"

Adina Neufeld
Founding Member & Business Mentor at Beautycounter 
Adina LOVES...Orange Goji Vanilla Cream GLOW Chocolate & Serendipity


Let go of Guilt. Indulge.

"I think culturally in North America we have so much guilt around food.  Eat THIS, don’t eat THAT!  Low fat, low calorie, low sodium, low fun.  What if eating healthy and nurturing foods for your body can be a satisfying, sexy and dare I say spiritual experience?? 

This is how I feel about GLOW chocolates by Julie Beyer.  They’re raw, organic, refined sugar free and full of actually good for your body ingredients and are by far the BEST tasting chocolates I’ve ever had.  Yes, you heard me, BEST EVER! 

I literally buy them by the hundreds and often start my day with one or two… or three ;)  The organic cacao gives me a natural little burst of energy and because I make a point of sitting and allowing it to melt in my mouth, slowly savouring it, it’s a meditative experience."

Aliyah O'Brien
Actor & Artist (Rookie Blue, Monster Trucks, Bates Motel and more)
Aliyah LOVES...Caramel Almond Crunch GLOWBall Truffles, Skinny Dipping, High Vibe People & Creative Expression


Enjoy Truffles. Change your Life. 

"Julie’s GLOWBalls have changed my life!! Recently I’ve had to overhaul my eating habits after suffering from poor digestion & IBS for so long. 

One of the big factors affecting me was my body’s reaction to eating sugar. But what’s a girl to do when she has those sugar/chocolate cravings!

So now I always turn to my supply of GLOWBalls! Sugar free, guilt free, ethically sourced plus full of health benefits! And with so many flavours to choose from it’s like picking your fav’s from the chocolate box! 

But more importantly, my body is happy and I don’t have any of the reactions to eating processed sugar. Win-win all round."

Natalie Miles
Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach 
Natalie LOVES...Mint & Canadian Hemp GLOWBall Truffles, Intuition & Helping People Upgrade their Lives


Quit Sugar. Feel Good. 

"I discovered sugar free GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles during my "No-sugar November". And lemme tell ya, these goodies have made the month so easy to get through that I'm considering a No-sugar December too! I didn't feel deprived as long as I have a GLOWBall on-hand.

I LOVE that GLOWBalls have no sugar in them. Unlike most desserts, GLOWBalls are a treat that make you feel good in the moment and beyond."

Natalia Sanyal
Super Mom & Hip Hop Dancer Extraordinaire 
Natalia LOVES...Caramel Lucuma Almond GLOWBall Truffles


Recommended for Restrictive Therapeutic Diets.

"I am a clinical homeopath in North Vancouver and have been in private practice for 30 years.

My specialty is the identification of the root causes of today’s countless diseases.  

99.5 of my clientele, regardless of their clinical diagnosis have chronic to acute digestive issues which until this has been addressed the other pressing issues can not be adequately dealt with.

Addictions to sugar and processed junk food for example need to be altered and replaced with nourishing and cleansing foods to guide the damaged microbiome back to auto regulation.

Subsequently what to eat and what not to eat daily always plays a large part in the rebalancing process.

When deserts become a nono and treats are extremely limited (no sugar and no chocolate) the question always arises what is safe to indulge in.

Debates over chocolate and "why not it is organic and healthy “ eventually surface.

The word no, nada, never, niet, take on a new meaning for people around food when working with me.

Enter Julie Beyer's GLOWBall Truffles.

What Julie has done is design a food product based on all the perquisites of no sugar, no dairy, no yeast, no soy, that I can safely recommend to my clients whose food intake has to be temporarily limited due to their chronic /acute gastro intestinal issues.

Her sourcing of product is clean and pristine. Above industry standard, exceedingly beyond.

Thus the quality of the cacao in the line of GLOW chocolate in its purity creates hardly a ripple in anyone’s protocol. The line of GLOWBall Truffles, made with carob, which is hypoallergenic and contains no caffeine, only sweetened with pure organic green steiva, is an excellent option for people on strict therapeutic diets for dysbiosis, Candida, parasites, cancer, diabetes, IBS, autoimmune, and so on.

I taste test everything for myself so having just eaten my way through CHFA CANADA WEST 2018, the largest health food industry's trade show I can guarantee that there is no comparison in the market place to what is being created locally here by Julie Beyer’s GLOW Chocolates on all accounts."

Sharon Richlark
Clinical Homeopath at Wholistically Speaking 
Sharon LOVES...All GLOWBall Truffle Flavours 


Eat 'Chocolate' and Eliminate Sugar Cravings

"As a daughter of diabetic parents, I always been observant about my sugar consumption; but could never find a product that was flavorful and sugar-free at the same time. GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles, especially the Orange Chocolate flavour, contradicted all my way of thinking: deliciousness CAN be healthy and doesn't need to have sugar. My palate was not compromised and my sugar cravings are gone. I LUV GLOWBalls!!!" 

Gleyse França Silva 
Travel Writer at Hi-Lo Travel for Rio de Janeiro 
Gleyse LOVES...All GLOWBall Truffle Flavours, Brazil and travel


Nutritionist Approved

"I love GLOW chocolate because it is rich, decadent, and TRULY satisfying. I know the term "and it's good for you" is overdone - but as a holistic nutritionist I believe this is our new superfood.

After eating this chocolate I feel at peace because I know Julie has sourced, tested, and curated only the finest ingredients and purchased then ethically. The chocolate has no downside."

Erika Weissenborn
Holistic Nutritionist & Owner Fresh in Your Fridge Vancouver
Erika LOVES...Smoked Salted Caramel GLOW Chocolate & Ashtanga Yoga


Enjoy Chocolate (& Life!) with Auto-Immune

"After developing a sever auto-immune condition and losing my spleen in my early 20s, I became acutely aware of how the food I eat dramatically impacts my immune system.

GLOW Chocolates allow me to indulge my sweet tooth while nourishing and supporting my overall health. I can feel good about how GLOW chocolates are produced and where the ingredients have been sourced. This is something of extreme importance to me and I know it is for GLOW too.

GLOW isn't just about making delicious treats, they are putting forth a better business model and redefining success.

I like to put my money where my mouth is and use my resources to support companies that are contributing to our community and a better way of doing business."

Brenna Burvill
Business Manager 
Brenna LOVES...Mint Chocolate Chip GLOW Chocolate and supporting local ethical businesses 


Enjoy Health AND the Sweetness of Life

"I actually am not certain that I knew I even liked chocolates until I had sugar free GLOWBall Truffles. They are hands down my favourite "chocolate"!

Through illness, loss of health and some choices, the sweetness of life fell to the wayside.

Now health is the most important thing to me as my clients as a nutritionist, but happiness is so huge too. If we can marry the two, than that is real health, body and soul.

That's kinda what Julie has done with her chocolates and her 'un chocolate' (but chocolate tasting) sugar free GLOWBall Truffles.

Merged the best of worlds. Sweetness of life and pleasure, with the benefits of healthy GLOW promoting foods."

Kate Horsman
Holistic Nutritionist, Specializing in Women's Health and Disordered Eating
Kate LOVES...GLOWBall Truffles (All flavours!) & Creating Beautiful Things


Doctor Approved.

"Why do I love GLOW chocolates? There's no artificial ANYTHING. Everything is real. Authentic. Authenticity is what I feel when I eat Julie's chocolates. I also love the nutrient value, which is rare to find and why I recommend them to my patients for healthy treats."

 Dr. Seema Kanwal
Naturopathic Physician 
Dr. Kanwal LOVES...Mint Chocolate Chip GLOW & Mountains


Candida? IBS? You can Still Enjoy Dessert.

"Julie Beyers’ GLOWBalls are out of this world! I turn to these delectable sugar free treats whenever I need a guilt-free pick me up. Being on a restricted diet for the past several months (due to IBS, SIBO, Candida), a diet that that is completely free of sugar and very low on caffeine (read: no chocolate ) made me feel so limited with my snack options and really quite depressed about it at first.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to the diet and would fall of the wagon every now and then. And I did. I struggled with it for so long.  Then I discovered Julie’s GLOWBALLS!

Now, whenever my sweet tooth creeps in—and trust me, it creeps in often—I’m able to endulge in a treat that is not only suitable for my diet, but so delicious it makes me forget about the restrictions of my diet altogether, like I don’t even miss anything. They are THAT good! And I come from a family of bakers, so I know a tasty sweet treat when I see it! 

Thank you Julie, for making such delicious treats that even I can enjoy. GLOWBALLS help me keep my diet and my life firmly on track." 

Stephanie Laoun
Tennis Pro & Pilates Studio Manager 
Stephanie LOVES...Coconut Cream Pie GLOWBall Truffles, Pilates, Tennis and FOOD!


"Best Tasting Chocolate" that's Good for You!

"GLOW Chocolates by Julie Beyer, are are a Vancouver treasure that all should be able to experience. They are absolutely scrumptious even though they are sweetened with only of drops of maple syrup or just all natural organic green stevia. The ingredients include healthy coconut oil to power up your brain, and specially sourced cacao that enlivens without the jitters of caffeine.

Even for those of us who want to watch our waste lines, we can afford to enjoy these delicate delights, including my favourites: Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coconut Crunch or Smoked Salted Caramel Chocolate Hearts sweetened with only a little mineral rich maple syrup, not to mention 100% sugar-free Brazil Nut Coconut Creme GLOWBall Truffles sweetened with only with natural organic green stevia.

You can order online and have them delivered to your door for your convenience. I buy in bulk for an added discount as they keep well in the freezer and are then on hand for Yoga events I host or for much appreciate gifts for any occasion. Consider experiencing a chocolate that is good for you while still being the best tasting chocolate you have ever eaten. Indulge!

Maggie Reagh
Yoga Therapist & Founding Director of Yoga Therapy International
Maggie LOVES...Dark Chocolate Macadamia Coconut Crunch GLOW Chocolate, Yoga and Travelling to India 

 Enjoy Chocolate with Gluten-Free Living

"Loving a gluten-free life can be challenging especially when most gluten free products taste like cardboard! Imagine how delighted I was to find out that Julie's chocolates are handcrafted, local, gluten free, vegan, organic, sugar free....and the best part - absolutely delicious! 

You can feel the love and imagination she puts into each one of her chocolates. 

GLOW chocolates are truly nourishing for the mind, body and soul. 

The best part about GLOW chocolate - is sharing them with friends and family and seeing how it just delights each and every one of them - pure chocolate bliss."

Deanna Wong 
Actor & Singer
Deanna LOVES...Smoked Salted Caramel GLOW Chocolate & Dark Roast Coffee


Enjoy Dessert. Maintain a Healthy Weight

"Now that I've discovered Julie's GLOWBalls, I don't think I will ever "need" real chocolate again. My body is thanking me for ditching the dairy...and for the great pleasure caused by these entirely "clean", superfood-filled treats. I am absolutely addicted, to the point where I buy them in bulk. And then have to fend off my partner who finds them hidden at the back of the fridge (he is now a big fan, too). In two months I've eaten 40 GLOWballs and have not gained weight. I never feel lethargic or "gross" as I used to feel after indulging in chocolate. Thank you, Julie, for creating the most delicious treat I have ever tasted. I'm a supporter for life! Please don't ever stop what you are doing..."

Erin Ireland
Food Reporter, Recipe Developer & Owner of It's to Die For Fine Foods
Erin LOVES...Mint & Canadian Hemp GLOWBall Truffles


Chocolate that's Breakfast Worthy

"Confession. I am a holistic nutritionist and I eat dark chocolate everyday for breakfast. By the time noon time hits, I've flooded my body with antioxidants from organic green tea, a superfood green mix, a turmeric ginger shot, and of course dark chocolate.

My first choice is Julie Beyer's GLOW chocolate made from unrefined sweeteners and raw cacao. It's the best way to start the day feeling energized and just overall amazing. I love the superfoods like matcha and maca that Julie adds to her creations.

What I think I love the most is the intent and love that Julie puts into her work. I swear I can feel the infusion of happiness with every bite."

Tricia Sedgwick
Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur and Mama to sweet baby Aaren Tricia LOVES...Smoked Salted Caramel GLOW chocolate, her family and her baby boy Aaren


Satisfy After-Meal Sweet Cravings

"Julie's (GLOW) chocolates have changed my relationship with an after-meal sweet craving. 

Every part of the experience is unique from putting GLOW into my mouth to feeling and tasting every part of the chocolate.

I take it as a little ritual of intention both for my soul and for my wellness. I am in love with GLOW Chocolates and how they make me feel."

Sewari Campillo
Photographer at Sewari Campillo Photography
Sewari LOVES...Smoked Salted Caramel GLOW & Photography


Healing for Your Relationship with Food

"I first tried Julie Beyer’s incredible products when I was working at IHN. She was doing a guest lecture in one of the classrooms and I was in between meetings. I saw a plate of delectable chocolates on the kitchen counter and I couldn’t help myself. It was love at first bite for the Almond Caramel GLOWBall Truffle and I. Ever since then I have spent hours daydreaming about those tantalizing, sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free bites of love.

There is something really special about her products; you can taste the quality and integrity of each ingredient and the love that Julie puts into her business and each chocolate transcends through each bite. For me, I have always shied away from sugary sweets in general- due to my strict, conscious, nutritionist mind.

Also, I grew up with eating disorders and as a result, have always been in fear of the effects of indulging in sweets. Not only is Julie’s products delicious- they leave you feeling guilt-free. If I ever have clients (or friends I may add) who have a fear of gaining weight, eating disorders or health imbalances such as diabetes - I recommend products like Julie’s.

If you haven’t come across these tiny, conscious, nutritious drops of heaven yet - I highly recommend you take your mind, body and taste-buds on a GLOWBall journey."

Chloe Elgar
Intuitive Healer, Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Speaker at Chloe's Countertop
Chloe LOVES...Caramel Lucuma Almond GLOWBall Truffles


Chocolates for (Almost!) Every "Diet"

I feel like royalty having Julie’s GLOW Chocolates in my house. They are the perfect after dinner compliment that leave you feeling light & satisfied. 

The GLOWBall sugar free Truffles blew me away too! The texture & unique flavours are both delicious & satiating. 

I love bringing them out when friends are over because they suit almost every “diet” (vegan, paleo, gluten-free, keto, dairy-free) or food sensitivity. I feel taken care of when I have GLOW Chocolates & Truffles. Thanks Julie 💛”

Kristin Zerbin, Founder Hoochy Booch Kombucha
Kristin LOVES...Chili Cinnamon GLOW Chocolate (our special Valentine's Day Limited Edition!), laughing and drinking Kombucha with a little bit of gin ;)


The Perfect Healthy Treat & Snack for Families

"Who would have thought that chocolates can be made healthy, delicious and satisfying at the same time?

Not only does she source for the best ethical organic ingredients, her special ability to concoct yummy chocolates with challenging medicinal herbs such as Mucuna, Cordyceps and Chaga, truly amazes me.

Having a stressful day at work? Have a piece of GLOW chocolate. Got issues with menstrual cramp, libido, adrenal function or even blood sugar level? Have more than a piece of GLOW :)

Finally, there's something that tastes heavenly and yet good for all of us.

GLOW chocolates have become a delectable treat in my family. It's so easy to serve when a special guest comes for a visit or when I'm too busy or lazy to make a decent dessert. The only problem is, we have to ration the amount we've got at home because they run out so easily!"

Tenglai Lim
Holistic Nutritionist at Slow Fix Nutrition
Tenglai LOVES...Cherry Amaretto GLOW Chocolate & Laughter


Chocolate for Conscious Living 

"As someone who is very conscious about what goes into my body, I found it hard to choose treats that I can indulge in. I love simplicity in what I eat so when I first saw GLOW chocolates, I instantly was drawn to the short but sweet ingredients list! Being gluten, dairy and sugar free myself I find it hard to find all 3 in a anything let alone chocolate. GLOW has now become a staple in my diet - not just as a treat but as a healthy organic choice I can eat whenever I want and not feel bad about it.

The best thing is that I know I am getting the most loved-up chocolates!

My favourite thing is to eat GLOW with another...because happiness is best when shared :)"

Natania Rogers, creativepreneur, musician, yogini and goddess 
Natania LOVES...Mint Chocolate Chip GLOW, inspiring beauty, grace and elegance in all forms


Fitness Instructor Approved

"I have been a GLOW chocolate fan for over 4 years now and since my introduction, I haven't found any other chocolate that compares. 

The taste, the texture, and medicinal properties are very unique and what attract me most. 

When I have a GLOW chocolate, my mind, heart and taste buds indulge in a wave of delicious health and medicine. A Vancouver delicacy indeed!

GLOW chocolates are one of my favourite treats and medicine."

Hana Weinwurm
YYoga Fitness& Yoga Instructor
Hana LOVES...Chili Cinnamon GLOW Chocolate & Thriving