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Shipping & Storage FAQs

What are GLOW Chocolate Pick-up & Shipping Options? 

Within the Vancouver BC Area :

    We deliver to FREE pick-up location in North Vancouver, East Vancouver, Olympic Village/ Main Street, Kitsilano and Downtown Vancouver every 2 weeks : making it easy for you to purchase GLOW at below retail and avoid delivery fees. 

    Organize your FREE Pick-up in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Choose you the free pick-up location closest to your home or work at the time of check out.

    2. Click here to see our calendar of upcoming delivery dates to our free pick up locations. (Link coming soon)

    3. Receive a notification to your email from our online store when your order is ready for pick-up.

    *If you are in a rush to receive your order, please email to arrange a pick-up direct at our production location located in North Vancouver (until end of August 2022) then in East Vancouver near East Hastings and Clarke September 2022 onward. 

    • The GLOW Kitchen is currently located behind Capilano Mall in North Vancouver. Click here for address and directions to the GLOW Kitchen.
    • Click here for addresses, open hours and directions to other GLOW pick-up locations in YVR.

    (3) Lower Mainland outside of North Vancouver and Vancouver central 

    • We can deliver to you using Purolator. Please see rates at checkout. 

    What are the shipping options within Canada? 

      Rest of Canada 

      • Rates available upon checkout. Shipping rate dependent on order size and location. 

      Tips to Save on GLOW Shipping

      • Because our product is fragile and needs to stay cold, we ship using Purolator Express in insulated envelopes with ice packs. As such, outside of BC and in smaller towns shipping exceeds over $20.
      • The shipping fee is a flat fee up to 6 boxes, so the more boxes you order, the better value you get from your shipment fee. 
      • GLOW Chocolates & Truffles have a long shelf life and keep well in the freezer! See more info below. Many GLOW lovers enjoy having a healthy stock of GLOW Chocolate on hand to quench sugar cravings and stay on track with their wellness goals. 
      • We recommend to GLOW lovers to check with friends, family or with local groups (vegan, sugar free living etc) to see if anyone close by would like to share an order with you - and voila! The shipping fee can be split in half or a third. And hey! You might even make a new friend.
      • If you live in a major Canadian city outside of Vancouver and cannot find anyone to share an order with, message us at and we can post a request on our Instagram stories to see if we can find anyone for your to split your shipment with.

      What are the International shipping options (outside Canada)

       USA Shipping and Orders

      Please click here for information on US orders.

      International Shipping (outside Canada & USA) 

      At this time we are unable to ship to other countries except Canada and the United States of America. 

      How to best store GLOW?

      When you receive your order please immediately put them in a fridge or freezer. 

      Because we use organic cold pressed coconut oil in all our products and maple syrup in our line of GLOW Chocolate, all our products require refrigeration to hold their shape (although they do taste delicious melted too!)

      GLOW Chocolate need to also be kept in an air-tight container for optimal flavour. The packaging we provide is air tight and will keep your product fresh long term.  If you are storing the chocolates for longer than 2 months, we recommend storing them in a freezer to maintain optimal freshness. 

      How to best enjoy GLOW?

      You can enjoy GLOW directly out of the fridge or freezer. For optimal taste, we suggest allowing the chocolates and the truffles to sit at room temperature for 10 - 15 minutes. You can also melt the chocolate on very low heat stirring frequently and use as a chocolate sauce on vegan ice cream, fruit etc. 

      What is the shelf-life of the chocolates and truffles?  

      Even though we use mostly raw ingredients and use no preservatives - GLOW chocolates and GLOWBall Truffles have a very long shelf-life!

      If stored air-tight in the freezer GLOW Chocolates and GLOWBall Truffles will last over a year.