What are the shipping/pickup options in Greater Vancouver? 

Within British Columbia's Lower Mainland

(1) Delivery straight to your home or office by courier.  

  • For the Vancouver area including downtown, Kitsilano, and East Vancouver - $15 flat fee
  • For North Vancouver - $10 flat fee
  • For Burnaby and West Vancouver - $15 flat free
  • For all other areas in Greater Vancouver, B.C. (except the Sunshine Coast) and Canada up to Ontario (Canada wide shipping will resume in the fall)  - we can ship to you in insulated envelopes with ice packs using Fed Ex. Delivery fees will be presented to you at time of check out.
(2) FREE Pick-up at GLOW Kitchen North Vancouver OR Eternal Abundance (Commercial Drive, East Vancouver)
  • The GLOW Kitchen is located behind Capilano Mall in North Vancouver. Address and directions will be sent to you at time of order.
  • Eternal Abundance is an organic and vegan cafe/grocer located at 1025 Commercial Drive.

What are the shipping options within Canada? 

    Rest of Canada 

    • Rates available upon checkout. Shipping rate dependent on order size and location. Please note for summer months, we can only ship up to Ontario. We will resume cross Canada shipping in the fall.

    What are the International shipping options (outside Canada)

     USA Shipping and Orders

    We have separate all inclusive (shipping included) GLOW packages for our USA customers that are currently not available online. Please email julie@glowchocolate.love for more information.

    International Shipping (outside Canada & USA) 

    At this time we are unable to ship to other countries except Canada and the United States of America. However, we are planning on expanding our shipping options soon--please sign up for our newsletter or contact us at hello@glowchocolate.love to receive the latest information on shipping. 

    How to best store GLOW?

    When you receive your order please immediately put them in a fridge or freezer. 

    Because we use organic cold pressed coconut oil in all our products and maple syrup in our line of GLOW Chocolate, all our products require refrigeration to hold their shape (although they do taste delicious melted too!)

    GLOW Chocolate need to also be kept in an air-tight container for optimal flavour. The packaging we provide is air tight and will keep your product fresh long term.  If you are storing the chocolates for longer than 2 months, we recommend storing them in a freezer to maintain optimal freshness. 

    How to best enjoy GLOW?

    You can enjoy GLOW directly out of the fridge or freezer. For optimal taste, we suggest allowing the chocolates and the truffles to sit at room temperature for 10 - 15 minutes. You can also melt the chocolate on very low heat stirring frequently and use as a chocolate sauce on vegan ice cream, fruit etc. 

    What is the shelf-life of the chocolates and truffles?  

    Even though we use mostly raw ingredients and use no preservatives - GLOW chocolates and GLOWBall Truffles have a very long shelf-life.

    If stored air-tight in the freezer GLOW Chocolates and GLOWBall Truffles will last over a year, but they should be gone by then!

    What if I want to buy less than 25 pieces of chocolate/18 GLOWBalls? 

    We only sell direct to customers who purchase 25 pieces of GLOW Chocolate or 18 GLOWBalls or more. If you would like a smaller amount, we invite you to visit a GLOW Retail location. 

    Do you have gifting options?

    Yes! We have a variety of gifting options depending on your needs. Please contact us at hello@glowchocolate.love for more information. 

    Are GLOW chocolates really free of refined sugar? 

    YES! GLOW chocolates are sweetened with organic green stevia, organic Canadian maple syrup and lucuma. The sugar (from maple syrup) content varies from 1.64 g to 3.06 g per chocolate heart depending on the flavour. For more nutritional information click here.

    Are GLOWBall Truffles really sugar-free?

    YES! GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles (TM)  are sweetened with organic green stevia and lucuma, and contain 0 grams of sugar.