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GLOW Bulk Discounts

To help you save on your investment into your health, we offer bulk discounts to make it easier for you to make GLOW a part of your lifestyle. 

Receive 5% off on selected items for orders over $60 using promo code GLOW5 at checkout.

Receive 10% off on selected items over $120 using promo code GLOW10  at checkout.

Products that are excluded from the discount offer include :

- The GLOW Everything Box
- Assorted GLOW Chocolate Hearts
- Assorted GLOWBall Truffles
- Seasonal GLOW Chocolate (cacao based) barks
- GLOW Chocolate in Seasonal Shapes 

The discount does (YES!) apply to :

- 25 piece GLOW Chocolate Hearts box featuring current seasonal flavour
- 18 piece GLOWBall Truffle box featuring current seasonal flavour 
- 20 piece Whipped Creme Chocolate Squares (various flavours)
- GLOW Chocolate Luxury Gift Box Collection
- Keto Karamels 
- Instant GLOWBall Truffle Mix
- Seasonal GLOWBall (carob based) barks
- All year-round barks (carob and cacao)
- Chocolate nut butter cups
- ALL Mini hearts (carob and cacao) 
- Bulk order of single flavour chocolate hearts (Smoked Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Crunch)
Bulk order of single flavour GLOWBall Truffles (Caramel Almond Crunch and Double Creme Chocolate GLOWBall Truffles)
- GLOW sugar free icings

If your order is over $60 or $120 and includes an 'excluded' as well as a 'discount qualified product', you will automatically receive the discount level you qualify for on ALL products that qualify for the discount.