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GLOW Cashew Creme Sugar Free Icing Instructions

You can add GLOW Sugar Free whip ‘creme’ to sweeter dessert of your choice to  to keep your blood sugar balanced when consuming sweets.

Designed using the GLOW ratio, this “icing” magically tastes sweet without any sweeteners whatsoever. People are surprised it’s only made with cashews, coconut, raw vanilla bean and our invisible ingredient - IYKYK ;)

How to use in 3 easy steps!

1. Let thaw at room temperature overnight or at least an hour before using.

2. Use either an icing bag (inexpensive to buy online or at store) or simply a spoon to pipe or lather it on a piece of GLOWBall Truffles* or sweeter dessert you want to enjoy without blood sugar crash. 

3. Let harden in fridge or freezer if you are making a batch of GLOWBalls or enjoy soft and gooey right away 

Hot  Tip - if you are not using all at once, when thawed, separate icing into small Tupperware containers/ zip lock bags / ice cube trays so you can dethaw just the amount you need in shorter amount of time.

*Yes! We sell our GLOWBall Truffles as an instant mix - just add coconut oil + nut/seed butter of your choice. Less $$ and you can get creative with flavours and shapes. Click here to learn more and purchase GLOWBall Truffle mix.