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GLOW Chocolate Shipping Options for the Greater YVR Area

GLOW Chocolate Delivery Information for the Greater Vancouver Area

We deliver straight to your door using Purolator's overnight service. Packages are shipped in insulated packaging, with ice packs if needed, so your chocolate arrives un-melted.

Shipping rates in the greater Vancouver area usually range from $15 - $20 and include cost of special shipping materials to keep product cool.

Organize your GLOW Chocolate Delivery in 3 Easy Steps

(1) Select Purolator delivery option at checkout. Rates are automatically calculated.

(2) Contact GLOW at (or we will contact you) to confirm delivery date of your order. Deliveries with Purolator are sent out Tuesday or Wednesday and will arrive the next day. 

(3) Ensure someone is home or at the office to receive the delivery and place into the fridge or freezer ASAP, unless the weather is cool enough for the product to not melt if left outside. 

Tracking number information will be automatically sent to your email. Please contact Purolator directly for any inquiries on the status of your shipment.

Tips to Save on GLOW Shipping

  • If you, someone in your household or who lives close to you drives into Vancouver regularly, you cab get your order picked up (no shipping charge!) at one of our free YVR pick up locations. Click here for more information. 
  • The shipping fee is a flat fee up to 6 boxes. This means the more boxes you order, the better value you get. Plus we offer discounts on larger orders.  
  • GLOW Chocolates & Truffles have a long shelf life and keep well in the freezer! Click here to learn more about storage information.  
  • Check with friends, family or with local groups (vegan, sugar free living etc) to see if anyone close by would like to share an order with you and split the shipping fee.
  • If you don't know anyone who lives near you, click here to check out our blog post to connect GLOW lovers in the greater YVR area who are  interested in splitting orders.
  • Order our Instant GLOWBall Truffle Mix! We leave part of the creation fun to you (it's sooooo easy), it's only around $10 to ship AND you receive incredible value! Click here to learn more about the mix.
  • You can also order our sugar free icings on their own that are also less $ to ship as it does not require refrigeration. Click here to learn more about our sugar free icings.