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GLOW Luxury Gift Box via Mail Order

In order to preserve the presentation of the gift box and chocolates during shipping, please note the boxes will arrive with the chocolates wrapped and fastened with kraft paper inside the box.

We recommend doing this in a cooler room, outside, or near an open window, or you can even do it in your fridge or freezer with the door open. Because our chocolates are made with coconut oil, they melt quickly in warm rooms and if touched with warm hands. Please keep this in mind as you are finalizing the presentation for your gift box.

This prevents the chocolates from smearing the clear front of the box and keeps them more secure so they arrive in better condition.

To complete your gift box, you will need to undo the kraft paper, take out the chocolates, place them back in the package (we recommend placing them back in the order they arrived in for best presentation), then use the two gold stickers provided to seal both ends of the box. 

The gift box also includes business sized gift cards to include with your gift. We usually include these on top of the box.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Happy gifting!