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About GLOW Chocolate Ingredients, Sourcing & Sweeteners

 About GLOW Chocolate Ingredients 

GLOW Chocolate provides a variety of low-glycemic organic chocolate and non-chocolate options with varying levels of sweetness to meet to accommodate the variety of needs of our customers. 

99.99% of the ingredients we use are certified organic. Everything is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, corn free, preservative free, GMO free, sugar alcohol free and we use no preservatives, no corn or dairy.

We use nuts including cashews, Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts in our product lines.  We also have nut free options. However we cannot promise no cross contamination. 

The ingredients we use are deceivingly simple. We only use real, nutrient dense foods that are supportive of your health (including the superfood food colouring we use!)

Not only do we only use simple healthy ingredients, I have carefully chosen to feature ingredients in GLOW that have been shown to have therapeutic benefits for common health imbalances people face today.

For example, we use maca in all our chocolate and truffles which has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar and assist with hormone balance. We also use ceylon cinnamon in all of our GLOWBall Truffles which has been shown to help increase insulin sensitivity. 

I have also made a point of featuring Brazil nuts in one of our year round GLOWBall Truffle flavours 'Double Creme Unchocolat' as the nut is very high in selenium, a key mineral that most people are deficient in which impacts immune system as well as skin health. Brazil nuts are also a very sustainable nut and help to preserve the Amazonian rain-forest. 

Please see below for complete list of our supplier's names and websites.

About GLOW Cacao Sourcing 

For our line of cacao based chocolate, we source our organic heirloom cacao from Giddy Yoyo based in Ontario, Canada. The cacao is non-hybrid Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional bean that is lightly roasted and is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and is also Rainforest Alliance certified. 

Excerpt from Giddy Yoyo Website About Our Cacao 

"Our farmers harvest fully mature ripened pods from trees grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil. The plantation from which we source is known for their high quality low cadmium fine flavour cacao. Our supplier has developed and implemented the Native Cacao Farming Initiative, which is an ongoing free education and training program for the cacao harvesters and processors. It is important to us that the Ecuadorians responsible for supplying us our unique cacao are well taken care of; we believe in people over profits. We lab test each lot of raw materials to ensure our high standards are met or exceeded."

Please see below for complete list of our supplier's names and websites.

How Refined Sugar Free GLOW Chocolate Options are Sweetened

Our line of cacao based chocolate (except for our no added sugar dark chocolate options) is sweetened with organic maple syrup sourced from a small farm in Quebec and co-sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners like lucuma and coconut butter.

Our chocolate is also secretly sweetened with organic green stevia* sourced from Suede Hills in Savona, BC. The amount of green stevia we use is very small and is not detectable. We use just enough so that we are able to bring down the amount of maple syrup without compromising flavour. 

*Green stevia differs from the white stevia that is commonly found on shelves today. Green stevia has not been bleached, and is simply the plant ground into pure powder. Green stevia is not commonly used because it has a flavour that is generally seen as off putting. At GLOW, we pride ourselves on using this plant strategically and creatively in our recipes to give you all its benefits without any unpleasant aftertaste. 

Please see below for complete list of our supplier's names and websites.

How No Added Sugar GLOW Chocolate Options are Sweetened

Our line of no added sugar cacao based chocolate contains no maple syrup and is sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners like lucuma, coconut butter and also secretly contains green stevia. We harness the power of reiki energy and the quantum field to positively affect the flavour and somewhat compensate for added sugars. 

Our line of GLOWBall Truffles has no added sugars whatsoever (no dates, no syrups, no sugar alcohols). Their sweetness can be described as a magical illusion of nature : the ingredients are combined in very specific mathematical ratios that have come to Julie (the founder) through intuition, that bring out the best in flavour of each ingredient.

The subtle touch of real raw vanilla bean brings out natural sweetness of carob; the malted flavour of nutrient dense mesquite combines with carob to create a chocolate-like flavour while adding a delicious layer of sweetness.

We also use reiki energy and various energy techniques to positively impact the flavour without needing to add sugars. 

Our GLOWBall Truffles are made with carob instead of cacao (although many people cannot tell!) Carob is naturally sweeter than cacao and is  hypoallergenic compared to cacao and thus gives many people with food sensitivities the option to enjoy the experience of chocolate! 

Please see the ingredient list under each product for more specifics.

Please see below for complete list of our supplier's names and websites.

The Secret Behind GLOW

At GLOW Chocolate we understand how energy and intention deeply impact how cacao delivers on flavour. Similar to how mom's cooking always taste better because it's made with love.

We pay very close attention to how our emotions and energy affect the chocolate. While the traditional art of making chocolate is all about monitoring temperature and getting the shine just right through tempering, we instead approach chocolate from the inside out to get the energy just right.

When the chocolate is 'happy' it delivers on flavour and it doesn't need tons of added sugars, dairy or other processed ingredients to make it taste delicious. 

Each batch of chocolate is uniquely flavour balanced using intuition to work with whatever unique flavour profiles are present in the cacao we are working with that day. 

All products at GLOW are treated with reiki energy which improves texture, flavour and harmonization of ingredients. It makes the chocolate feel lighter and is easier to digest making your chocolate & sweet experience more delectable.

We also 'tune into' and infuse specific intentions that are best suited to whoever will be receiving the chocolate. Sometimes the intention is unconditional love, or forgiveness, or maybe it calls for an energy that is more joyful and fun. Sometimes it's more about deep compassion and other times it's about increasing the recipient's frequency. 

We never know what the chocolate will call for, and this is part of the fun. If you pay close attention to how you feel after you enjoy a piece of GLOW, you may join the many others that pick up on its subtle impact on your emotions and spirit. 

If this is beyond your realm of belief, don't worry you can still enjoy all the benefits and delicious taste of GLOW!

List of GLOW Chocolate Suppliers