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Welcome to the GLOW Chocolate Concierge Service



It's no secret we do things a little bit differently here at GLOW...and that includes, YES a complimentary chocolate concierge service!

GLOW lovers have such varying flavour preferences as well as needs when it comes to health so we offer many different types of products and flavours.

We know that for some it might be overwhelming to sort through all the delicious options and figure out what ones work best for you. 

We are happy to make individualized suggestions for you!

Most people, once they find product(s) and flavour(s) that best meet all their needs are more likely to reap the delicious pleasure and lifestyle benefits GLOW has to offer.

To receive personalized recommendations, please copy and past the questions below and email your responses to


  1. What flavours of chocolate do you normally like both general and/or specific. E.g. chocolate with fruit (general) or orange chocolate (specific)

  2. Do you like 90% and above dark chocolate?

  3. Do you like white chocolate?

  4. Any food allergies/ sensitivities?

  5. Any serious health conditions that impact your intake of sugars? If so, please briefly describe.

  6. Briefly describe your current sugar intake . E.g. do you consume lots of refined sugars? Only consume natural sugars?

  7. Do you tend find dried fruit : not sweet enough, just right, too sweet?

  8. What are your main goal(s) with GLOW Chocolate?

e.g. Eliminate refined sugars? Find a chocolate or dessert I can actually enjoy with my health condition? Stop out of control eating around sweets/chocolate? Find a chocolate you absolutely love that fits with all health, ethical and wellness values? 

9. Do you consider your an a , b, c type chocolate person?

a.If it’s chocolate I will most likely LOVE it. Bring on variety and adventure!
b. I like my chocolate in very specific flavour (s). When I find something I like, I like to stick to it. I like routine and what is familiar to me.
c. Somewhat of an unique hybrid of a and b

10. What city and province (or state) or country do you live in?