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GLOWBall Truffle - Instant Mix (makes the equivalent of 40 truffles)

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Get creative and save $$ on GLOW! Click here for detailed instructions on how to make GLOWBall Truffles from our mix!

Create your very own GLOWBall Truffles at home (great activity to do with kids!) using our instant powder mix.  

All you need to do is add coconut oil + nut/seed/coconut butter of choice, pour into moulds of choice or onto a tray to make bark, put into the freezer and voilà!

Some flavour concoctions you can whip up include peanut butter (how can you go wrong?!), sunflower seed butter (for those with nut allergies), coconut butter topped with rose petals and pistachios to name a few.

Some people even enjoy adding the mix to smoothies and other recipes of choice.

This is our most affordable option for enjoying GLOWBall Truffles on the regular. This mix is a great option for people who live in warm climates or who live out of the Vancouver, BC area as we can ship without cold packaging so it cost less to purchase and to ship. Cost equivalent is $0.66 per truffle + cost of your own coconut oil + nut/seed butter.

Nutrition Facts Instant GLOWBall Truffle Mix 

Click here for Nutrition Facts for GLOWBall Truffle Mix

Please note, above nutrition facts does NOT include the coconut oil and almond butter you add on your own as the recipe calls for. 

Click here for Nutrition Facts for GLOWBall Truffle mix with added coconut oil and almond butter.

Ingredients for Instant GLOWBall Truffle Mix

organic carob powder, organic coconut, organic raw lucuma powder, organic mesquite powder, organic maca, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic raw green stevia, organic raw vanilla bean.

GLOW Chocolate is produced in a facility where gluten and nuts including peanuts are processed.